The U.S. workforce is at a crossroads and we need the skills to compete in today’s economy. Jay Timmons, president of the National Association of Manufacturers, recently pointed out, that manufacturing is expected to create 3.5 million new jobs in the next decade, but will likely face a deficit of 2 million skilled workers. The gap of trained, quality workers to fill these jobs is a serious problem.

By focusing resources on the education and training programs with a proven track record of success we can better prepare today’s workers, and future generations, for the global marketplace. Our company CAN and WILL provide you competent, trained, professional technicians who are ready to work.

JobForce’s employees are “trained to work.” What does this mean? They show up with a certification sheet showing all their technical training, including a 44 specific skill checklist of completion in Soldering and Wire harness assembly proficiency.

All of the employees we place have both the IPC-A-610 and IPC/WHMA-A-620 certification.

Our ongoing mentoring and coaching services continues to improve our employees’ value as long as they work for us. Corporations can count on us to provide the skilled, knowledgeable, trained employees you expect.

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Our sister company has a long history of certifying, and re-certifying, employees of companies from around the globe with multiple IPC certifications.