MENTORING SERVICES – Improvement is a never-ending goal

JobForce offers the best in mentoring and coaching so that our employees never get stuck in a “good enough” attitude. We invest in our employees as if they will be with us for the rest of their career. Our soldering school can equip them technically in four weeks of training, but as you are well aware, a quality employee, fully engaged in your company is one who has a great support system. Our intentions are to provide that support of encouragement, additional life training skills, and mentoring.

  • Teaching professional conduct

  • Building Communications skills

  • Helping establish teambuilding skills

Bruce Avery, our Lead Mentor, has worked in the mentoring world for more than 35 years. Beside being an adventure driven person in his personal life (CX racing, triathlons, hiking, golf, and writing), Bruce is an expert in working with people who have self-defeating negative thought patterns. Helping people see what is behind their defensive attitudes is critical to being a hungry learner, not afraid to ask for help, or clarification.

Our mentoring services provide an online weekly module that adds to our employee’s growth in being the best they can be. Whether customer or potential employee, we believe you will see the difference it makes.